Rebecca A.

After hearing tales if the amazing coffee at Baby’s, we made a stop there on our way to Key West and it didn’t disappoint. My friend pointed out that she suddenly realized “everything wrong with Starbucks coffee” after a few sips. The beans used are perfectly roasted, they understand that adding sugar or milk doesn’t mean you want a little coffee in a glass of milk and sugar, they have only freshly brewed coffee—it is a fantastic place to pick up your daily pick-me-up.

It is worth noting, though, if you are used to chain coffee vendors: this is NOT Starbucks. If you are looking for a Frappucino, a cozy cafe with lots if seating or breakfast, it’s going to leave you disappointed. There is flavoring for coffees, but nothing like the more milkshake offerings (ie. Strawberry Frappucino). They have SOME food and snack offerings, but not a lot of offerings. Plan on making this a stop strictly for coffee and MAYBE some light snack fare–but mostly for the coffee.

Added bonus: if you buy their whole bean coffee, they’ll grind it for you at no charge! So don’t be intimidated about picking up some coffee to bring home with you (I almost was scared out of getting some because I don’t own a grinder until they offered to grind it for me).