Marisol F.

I’ve been getting the Cafe Con Leche for almost a decade now and have never tried any of the specialty flavors. This past weekend I was in a rush and there was a bit of a line so for the first time ever I skipped the line to get the “Help Yourself” coffees so I could get back on my way. They offer a variety of decaf and regular specialty flavors. I chose the Vanilla Nut and it was better than expected. I ordered a small and wished I ordered a large once I had my first sip.

I like Starbucks for their funky coffees and drinks but I don’t care for their regular coffees. Baby’s is the perfect morning cup of coffee. I wish they had one around the corner from my home because I would be there every morning even though my man would kill me. I guess I’d have to skip checking in to avoid getting caught, haha

If they ever do make the move to become a chain, I promise I would easily be the Duchess of the one closest to me