Marc A.

For my 500th review… why not write about something I am passionate about… like coffee… in particular really great roasted coffee that you just can’t get in your local grocery store or in any cafe right around the corner. I’m talking about Baby’s.

I was introduced to Baby’s Coffee a few years back and haven’t forgotten my first sip. It’s a bean that keeps coming back to you. It’s a bean that makes you want to (and you will) mail order from them on a regular basis. It’s a bean that wakes you up and happily puts you asleep (when you add my favorite Mint Bailey’s to your cup before bedtime).

When I knew that I was coming to Key West, one of my first thoughts was, “where’s the Baby’s roasting place?” No worries at all, as its located right on the only road in to Key West about 15 miles from mile marker 0. Did I go crazy in the shop buying up pounds and pounds of freshly roasted Baby’s coffee? You bet. Did I buy a cafe con leche made with Baby’s Sexpresso on the spot? You bet. Did I also pick up a piece of key lime pie dipped in chocolate to go with that delicious coffee? You bet.

Baby you’re the one for me. Enjoy!