Liz T.

driving back to miami from key west i knew i had to make one more stop. in my opinion, no key west trip is complete without a stop at baby’s coffee. baby’s one eerie eye haunts my dreams, in a good way.

it all started in college. i had a roommate from key west that had this strange mug with one weird wired looking eye on it. every time i saw that eye, i felt compelled to drink some coffee. strangely, i never asked what the deal with the mug was or the eye. then one day after she had spent a weekend back home in key west, i went to open the fridge and there was that eye starring at me. this time it was on a bag of fresh roasted ‘baby’s private buzz’ and that was the start of it all.

baby’s is the southernmost coffee roasters in the u.s., but really, who gives a shit about that? what you should care about is how effing good their roasted beans are. there’s a reason that both tourists and locals love baby’s. you’ll even find it in many of the restaurants in key west (ie. blue heaven, seven fish). and on a side note… i like their little frozen key lime pies here better than the blonde giraffe. and if you enjoy key lime pies or know blonde giraffe’s reputation, then you know how ballsy that statement is.

*or maybe it’s just that evil eye hypnotizing me to think their coffees amazing.