Jojo F.

If there’s one thing that you will find when living in the keys, is that there is a lack of legitimate coffee houses. I guess it must be the water-centric culture that just doesn’t call for the dark, moody, urban coffee houses that I long for. Enter Baby’s Coffee, a little gem in its own right.

Great variety of house coffees and plenty of cookies, sweets, souvenirs and, yes, water and teas for the non-coffee crowd. I love hitting up a cup of brew (with my own travel mug in hand) when I head down to work. If you don’t provide your own vessel, they’ll set you up with a foam cup. Foam cup coffee doesn’t do Baby’s justice. Bring your own or buy one.

Another plus is the clean bathroom. Please keep it nice when you visit, it’s a bonus on the road. The points that knocked a star off of this review are the lack of seats for homework time and the fact that they close at 6pm during the week. Boo. Overall, a great stop for some of the best coffee in the Keys.