Greshka P.

Imagine waking up late, being lazy because you’re on vacation, craving and needing coffee to help you really wake up and being able to get it while still in your PJs… Yup, that was me every day of my long weekend at the Keys, and the people at Baby’s seemed to be used to it. They greeted me each day with a smile, and they were fast getting my coffee ready every time.

First day I had the Cafe con Leche my friend recommended, as she has been having it for years, and just as she said, it was great, and hit the spot immediately. Having had that, I wanted to try other flavors they had. Both the Almond, and the Irish Cream Lattes were delicious. Not too sweet, perfect temperature to enjoy immediately, without having to wait to not burn your tongue. Their coffee is so good that even my sister, who only drinks coffee with her sugar, really liked their cortadito with steamed milk and only 2 sugars.

They also have cappuccino, decaf coffe, and different types of tea. All served in two sizes, regular or large. If you’re hungry get yourself a bagel, which they toast for you and includes your choice of regular, lite, and/ or strawberry cream cheese. Or you can try one of their wraps, sandwiches, spreads, etc.

Want to bring Baby’s coffee home, you can get it there too. They sell they’re coffee beans and grind them for you if needed. A variety of chocolates, cookies, and other goodies sold there too, along Baby’s Coffee T-Shitrs, and more. But all that can wait until after you order your delicious coffee to start your day.