Glenn G.

So how good is Baby’s Coffee? Good enough that Juan Valdez himself preferred Baby’s Coffee over any of his country’s own colombian coffee. It’s that good.

It’s a given that the place smell unbelievable and the variety of roasted coffee is not overwhelming. The employees there are hip and sweet and make smart recommendations. The coffee menu is short and simple and they don’t confuse things with alternative names for small medium large (something I find annoying at Starbucks; large is just a large, not a venti). You can buys roasted beans whole or ground specifically for your coffee maker. Although the frozen coffee and other specialties are good, try a simple cup of help-yourself coffee; it’s just a buck and it’s perfect.

The store itself does have a large variety of food goodies, snacks and munchies but a bit overpriced. They have a very nice selection of wines, surprisingly fairly priced. They have a section of Baby’s Coffee shirts, jackets and miscellaneous; have no idea what the costs are. They have a refrigerator with soda, juice, beer and et cetera all priced the same as any old convenience store. They don’t have a seating area but if you want to enjoy without driving off, there is a park with plenty of tables and shade.

The only case I didn’t mention was the food coolers filled with delicious sandwiches, wraps, bagels with specialty spreads, muffins and so much more; ridiculously priced though. It’s possible it’s cheaper now as I haven’t looked at the price in quite some time; we go often but only for coffee.

The coffee is so good that I am not even deducting a star for the overpriced food items.

As far as locating Baby’s Coffee; don’t plan a visit while walking around Duval Street or other touristy sections of Key West…. some address’s in the lower keys use Key West as the city in lieu of the actual name of the key you are on. Business’s located on the main (and only) highway (US1) are often missed by GPS units. Even google has the right address but if you ask for directions, you end up in Key West which is NOT where Baby’s is at….

So here it is: directly on US1 (also known as Overseas Highway) on Saddlebunch Key (the edge of a community known as Bay Point); even more precisely: MILE MARKER 15