Each year on our trip to the Keys, it’s a tradition to stop at Baby’s Coffee to purchase enough coffee to last until our next visit! This year we purchased 9 bags (full 1lb content) of their amazing coffee. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and you just might pass it without even realizing it, but please, look out for this “Gem” because you will not be disappointed in their coffee. Once home, we freeze the coffee and take out when needed. They have selections from mild to “knock your socks off” bold, all thoroughly enjoyable!


Let me tell you, we get complements ALL the TIME on your coffee. That La Tasse Cajun is a huge hit with everyone.  Thank you for making such a superb product.

Neil Donnelly

Stopped in today, best cold brew I have had in a long time. I encountered the most charming and beautiful counter person (barista ?) She was able to explain process , product. Highlight of my day.

Dedra W.

Stopped by yesterday around 3:30 pm.  Received wonderful service and the best iced mocha ever !   They were making wraps that was just beautiful.  Stopping for lunch on my next drive.

Kevin N.

People drive a miles for Baby’s for good reason. The on-premise roasted beans and friendly atmosphere makes for some of the best coffee experience on A1A in the lower Florida Keys.

There’s a bit of a hippy vibe here, a holdover from the Sixties culture that predominated the Keys for so long, now relegated to more of a subculture with the advent of high rent tourism. The tie dyed shirts and Eye logo enhance the atmosphere.

It’s no matter, this roadhouse will satisfy for the best coffee around. I was really taken with how meticulously they prepared the brew, measuring each ingredient in a lined cup.  

Locals know to stop here for a cold beverage or a great latte. Baby’s is an institution.

Ericka A.

I was on a solo vacation down in Key West and my hosts and I stopped here on our way to Big Pine Key for the flea market. We had really only intended to pick up some beverages for ourselves, but I ended up walking away with a Chai Tea Latte and two bags of their freshly ground coffee.

It all started with trying to find a “I feel kinda guilty for going away alone” present for my fiancé. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Key West’s tourist trap shops carry shirts in sizes up to XXXXXL, so I was considering picking up one of those. Over the phone I asked if he’d be interested and he said no. I tried to think of something else and came up with personalized paintings or a carved seashell. He said he wouldn’t really like those… Little did I know, he was actually trying to discourage me from spending more money because he was plotting to buy an Xbox One while I was away. But I digress.

After going through a lengthy list of all the things available to buy, he told me he didn’t need anything. I decided that instead of forcing a present, I would only bring him back something if it spoke to me and seemed to scream Dalibor. That’s where Baby’s Coffee comes in.

My fiancé loves coffee and this is the southernmost coffee producer in the Keys. My friend Andy Z. said they make some of his favorite and he gave me a few flavor suggestions. I went with Hemingway’s Hair of the Dog and the Conch Republic Coffee. They were bagged as whole bean but you can get it ground at the time of purchase. They put each one back into its bag and into separate airtight plastic bags to seal in the freshness and flavor. It managed to keep it contained but was still so strong that my entire suitcase smelled like roasted beans when I came back. I’m not complaining.

My man isn’t complaining either. It was the perfect gift! He enjoyed each flavor and was incredibly disappointed when he ran out. Luckily, Baby’s Coffee has a convenient online ordering system, so maybe I’ll buy him some more in the future… after we pay off the Xbox.

Rebecca A.

After hearing tales if the amazing coffee at Baby’s, we made a stop there on our way to Key West and it didn’t disappoint. My friend pointed out that she suddenly realized “everything wrong with Starbucks coffee” after a few sips. The beans used are perfectly roasted, they understand that adding sugar or milk doesn’t mean you want a little coffee in a glass of milk and sugar, they have only freshly brewed coffee—it is a fantastic place to pick up your daily pick-me-up.

It is worth noting, though, if you are used to chain coffee vendors: this is NOT Starbucks. If you are looking for a Frappucino, a cozy cafe with lots if seating or breakfast, it’s going to leave you disappointed. There is flavoring for coffees, but nothing like the more milkshake offerings (ie. Strawberry Frappucino). They have SOME food and snack offerings, but not a lot of offerings. Plan on making this a stop strictly for coffee and MAYBE some light snack fare–but mostly for the coffee.

Added bonus: if you buy their whole bean coffee, they’ll grind it for you at no charge! So don’t be intimidated about picking up some coffee to bring home with you (I almost was scared out of getting some because I don’t own a grinder until they offered to grind it for me).

J T.

Baby’s you’re the best.

Seriously, the southernmost roasters in the United States really knows how to do it. With names like Baby’s Private Buzz, Sexpresso and Hemmingway’s Hair of the Dog, this stuff will get you up and keep you up.

Baby’s is a 25 minute drive from Big Pine Key and about 15 minutes from the north side of Key West. Sometimes a drive to Baby’s is the high point of the day.

Stephanie P.

Randomly stopped here because we had to use the restroom on the way to Key West…so glad we did! Frozen coffee was the best and the smoothies tasted so fresh and great. Stopping here on all trips to mile 0 from now on!