In 1991, Gary and his wife Olga left the Big “Bad” Apple (New York) and began the search for a place to call home for their new coffee roasting company. They ended their search at a small building on the uptown side of Key West, Florida’s famous Duval Street.

Quickly Gary and Olga learned the history of the location and of their newly founded coffee roasting facility. In the 1920s an old Cuban family owned the building and christened it “Baby’s Place” after the family’s youngest son. “Baby” Rodriguez grew up and ran a cantina there, where legend has it, Ernest Hemingway indulged in the occasional crapshoot with locals, more commonly known as “conchs”. Inspired by the history of their newly founded place of business, Gary and Olga embraced and adopted the Baby’s name and opened up Baby’s Coffee.

After a couple of years, Gary and Olga ventured to Cajun country, Breaux Bridge Louisiana, where they opened up another roasting facility. Located in the heart of the world famous Crawfish Capital, they began to grow the Baby’s Coffee brand.

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