Hemingway’s Hair of the Dog®


Full Bodied, High Caffeine! A high octane roast, wake up and write on.

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    Best wake-up going. Not bad for an afternoon pick-up either.

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    I had been drinking a lot of coffee for a lot of years and always tried new and interesting kinds as they presented themselves. We took our first trip to the Keys in the mid 90s a did a double-take as we passed Baby’s. We turned around and the rest is history. If you like strong, smooth and clean tasting coffee then Baby’s is the ticket. It all started with the first cup of Killer Joe at Baby’s on route 1, which led to trying all of the Baby’s blends. They are all uniquely great but Hair of The Dog is my absolute favorite. It started with phone orders and now the Internet. I continue to order month after month, year after year.
    Kevin G. NJ

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