Baby’s Private Buzz®


The last legal high! A blend of individually roasted medium, full city, and dark roasted coffees. The ultimate caffeine high.

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    Ever since testing this @ MM15 yeas ago, we have been ordering online to restock our pantry. We love Private Buzz. A good caffeinated jolt in the morning that is also a very smooth roast.

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    This is the only coffee I buy and drink at home. Been drinking it for many years and it never gets old. I LOVE it!

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    LOVE IT!

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    We got our first pound 2 weeks ago just put our new order in can’t wait we love it 1 cup and I am good my wife only needs a 1/2 pot to get going not a pot and 1/2 in the AM so smooth

  6. (verified owner):

    We love it got a pound 2 weeks ago in the store just put our new order in I feel good after only one cup in the AM my wife only needs 1 pot not a pot and a1/2 to get going so smooth

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