Baby’s Key West Old Town Roast®


The taste of day’s gone by! Slightly nutty, a full city roast.

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    Timeless. Old Town, New Town, Uptown, Downtown – doesn’t matter. I get rave reviews every time I serve this coffee. This was my replacement for your Fausto’s Palace Roast – and a good replacement at that. Please keep roasting this outstanding blend.
    Peg B.

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    Delicious! Great way to start everyday and a nice finish for special occasions.

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    I would stop at MM 15 on my way home from my shift at the NAS Key West fire department to buy a large cup of coffee and purchase more ground coffee before I ran out (no way I was going to run out!) And I would ask the guy behind the counter what is it you do, to make it so good? Why can’t everybody else make coffee this good? And he said He buys good coffee, it’s fresh, I don’t know what else to say . And I never found out what they do. But it is special, and I’m glad they do it. But it really does you for anyone else’s coffee, and that’s the truth.

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